May 2023

Siovan King gave the film a 5-star review and said “This magical tale stays in your mind long after the credits have rolled.” You can read the article here: Film & Television Business

Michael Thede interviewed Sean for a more in-depth article about the inspiration behind the film, the road from concept to completion, and the highs and lows along the way. You can read it here: Cinemorata

James Prestridge asked Sean for more info about the film and the kind of storytelling he’s drawn to. You can read his article here: Close Up Culture

Alan Ng wrote a great review, saying “This short is a pure joy to behold.” You can read it here: Film Threat

Chris Olson describes Corvine as “charming and exuberant” in this review: UK Film Review

June 2023

Paul Emmanuel Enicola published a beautiful review, including this wonderful summary: “Buoyed by visual storytelling in hand-drawn animated glory and a rich orchestral score that gorgeously underscores the boy’s emotional journey; “Corvine” is an uplifting short film about the importance of finding our passion — and never letting go.” You can read the full review here: The Movie Buff

Liz Whittemore says “CORVINE soars in originality and its universal messaging. It is a joy.” Full review here: Reel News Daily

Mark Lakatos acknowledges the “downright gorgeous hand-drawn animation” and says “there’s a lot to love about what McCarron and company have crafted with this fantastical tale of self-exploration.” Full review here: Take 2 Indie Review

Josh Reilly B and George Bate wrote such a beautiful, insightful review that we’re having a hard time choosing our favourite quote! They call Corvine “a project with extraordinary emotional depth” and “one of the surprise highlights of this year’s Tribeca Festival”. Full review here: The HoloFiles

Glen Dower relates to Kevin’s journey and asks “who has not tried to resist the grey drudgery of the real world, when all you really want to do, is fly?” in his review here: Cinema Scholars

Kit Stone gives Corvine a 5-star review and says that “Corvine encourages all little boys to fly”. Warning: this review contains spoilers! You can read it here: Hue Watched It

July 2023

John Higgins interviewed Sean about his creative journey and the inspiration for Corvine. Read it here: Film and TV Now


May 2023

Listen back to Sean on CBC radio’s Mainstreet Nova Scotia here.

June 2023

You can hear Sean chatting to Rich on Downtown with Rich Kimball here.


June 2023

Watch Sean’s interview on the Dr Ward Bond show.