Image provided by the Royal Film Commission, Jordan

Corvine screened at an exciting new children’s festival in Jordan in November, and it was a HUGE honour to learn that it was named Best Short Film by the Children’s Jury! Here’s what the jury had to say about Corvine:

The young jury highlighted the importance of the issues that the film tackles, such as encouraging children to accept who they are, rejecting bullying, and promoting parents’ role in supporting their children’s hobbies as well as unleashing their imagination.

Corvine explores lots of themes that resonate with young audiences, and it also highlights the importance of the arts in our lives – the arts help us to relate to one another, and to express ourselves. Children’s film festivals are a wonderful way to introduce young people to new stories and perspectives. We’re thrilled that Corvine was screened at the first ever Jordan’s Children Film Festival, and we hope that the festival continues to delight young audiences for many years to come.

You can find the full press release, including details of other winning films, on the Royal Film Commission’s website.